All about Modern Forms of Movement in South Bohemia

Modern Forms of Movement

The movement plays an important role in the life of every person at present. It helps to maintain the human organism in a good health state, physical as well as mental condition. The human body is well built and adapted for movement and if we do no use it, it loses the muscle tissue which is easily replaced by fat. The body weight increases and the joints and bones pain and other health problem appear (high blood pressure, increased cholesterol and diabetes).

To decrease the body weight, movement and sport is necessary. If you burn more energy by the increased bodily activity, fat burning will be quicker. Physical activity, however, does not mean only the connection of running and unpleasant sweating. It is all the movement in the day the intensity of which shall be increased gradually. It is important to choose a kind of movement form you will enjoy. It shall suits you completely. All the time, new kinds of modern movement forms come into being following the development trends in the area of exercises, aids, music…

Aerobic movement forms

  • Long-term exercises of perseverance character. They last usually at least 20-30 minutes. They stress significantly the cardiovascular as well as respiratory system and increase significantly the oxygen consumption. The longer is the time section, the lower is intensity of load in the time unit as well as the energy transformation. Metabolism takes place in the balanced state with full cover of needs by oxygen delivery.
  • The main target is initiating adaptation changes in the organism by specific exercises resulting in the increased ability to absorb, to transport and to utilize the oxygen from air. The more developed is this ability, the better is the fitness of organism.

Effects of regular aerobic training

  • Lower quiet and load pulse
  • Better blood circulation and better metabolism; harmful substances are eliminated from the body by perspiration
  • Improved oxygen intake and heart strengthening
  • Drop of cholesterol level and total improvement of blood count
  • Reduction of body fat values (BMI)
  • Releasing endorphins and hereby improving the mood (stress removal)

Principles of aerobic training


  • Frequency
  • Intensity
  • Duration

Aerobic zone

Finding out values of your maximum pulse frequency = 220 – age, women 226 – age

Calculation of down limit of aerobic zone, i.e. 60% of max. PF = 220-age x 0,6

Calculation of upper limit of aerobic zone, i.e. 90% of max. PF = 220-age x 0,9

Determination of aerobic zone:

  • Developing zone – training: 75-90% of max. TF
  • Zone of fat burning: 65-75% of max. TF
  • Health zone – maintaining: 55-65% of max. TF

Structure of aerobic training

  • warm up
  • stretching
  • main part
  • floor work (weight training)
  • cool down (calming)
  • stretching

In view of the targets of the lesson, each training consists of several parts of which some are necessary and inclusion of other ones is optional.